New to Spiritual Life?

Spiritual life is a diverse and vast topic. It is also one of the most confusing because of the various philosophies and interpretations we encounter when we take a step into the world of self-realization.


Religion or spirituality without sound philosophy usually leads to sentiment or fanaticism. Therefore it is important to understand the process of self realization. Here are some links to the philosophy behind bhakti.


There are no external barriers to kirtan: people from different genders, ages, races, cultures and belief systems all around the world drink this nectar everyday.


The world is changing rapidly and more people are seeing the benefit of self-sufficient living. Here are some links to get you started if you're interested in living off the land.


Sometimes we need some quiet time a few decibels lower than a full blown Kirtan. Japa meditation is personal chanting of a mantra.


Teaching a child the science of self-realization is the greatest gift you can give them. It will serve them throughout this life and beyond. Here are some resources to help you in that mission.


We all have to eat to live. A vegetarian diet cooked with love and devotion is the best kind (after all, you are what you eat). Here are some links to amazing cooking websites. Your tastebuds will never feel the same again.


Put very simply, Deity worship is a meditation on love (love being a verb). The action of loving service helps us develop many good qualities within ourselves and increase our relationship with the Supreme. Here are some sites to help you do that.

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