The Key to be Free


Crashing out of bed
throwing shoes on your feet
combing your head
no time to eat
day in, day out
the same old story
you think to yourself
“It’s starting to bore me”
going to work
paying my bills
dealing with jerks
and craving some thrills
I know that there’s more to life than this
Take your order Sir? Can I help you Miss?
your serving your time in a corporate jail
wishing your life wasn’t so pale

You’re looking for the key to be free

You look through the key hole
and you see a bright light
but a million philosophies
give no clue to whats right
Maybe it’s this and maybe it’s that
maybe worlds come like rabbits in hats
magically appear with no conscious creation
but it’s not clear and there’s bad navigation
trying to steer across dusty roads
reaching dead ends and unlocked codes
loads of people have tried in the past
but corrupt steeples have dangerously cast
shadows of doubt on every single turn
from the pulpit they shout “You’re going to burn”
but that’s not what you came here to learn
it’s truth, love and freedom you yearn

You’re looking for the key to be free

Forget New age cosmology
This Vedic ontology
will break you free from the chains
of your own biology
which binds you to the mind,
and the mundane senses
becoming senseless and blind
as you put up fences
between yourself and your heart
and it tears you apart
because the soul craves beauty, aesthetics and art
not concrete walls and cashpoint cards
processed foods full of all sorts of lards
a higher taste exists
and to dissipate the mist
there’s no need to kick it
and pound with your fist
blow it gently away with transcendental sound
darkness can’t stay and you’ll rise from the ground
spreading your wings and you’ll start to gain altitude
with just a change in attitude, the way things are viewed

This is the key to be free

Poem/Video: Mike Jones


We all want to be free and many of us believe we are free. But what does it mean to really be free? There are many conceptions of freedom and in this poem I am exploring the struggle for two types of freedom.

One is freedom from the materialistic mindset. Freedom from the belief that all that exists is this world of dog-eat-dog which has clearly brought much unhappiness to many people.

But even beyond that freedom, when one first takes to the spiritual path there is still a craving for another typer of freedom. Bhagavad-gītā describes this as Asammoha: the freedom from doubt and delusion.

For any thinking person on the path of self-realization there can be a lot of doubt and delusion in the early stages of bhakti, especially in a world where people don't always practice what they preach. But we must pass beyond these doubts and gain real transcendental knowledge.

Asammoha, freedom from doubt and delusion, can be achieved when one is not hesitant and when he understands the transcendental philosophy. Slowly but surely he becomes free from bewilderment. Nothing should be accepted blindly; everything should be accepted with care and with caution. (Bhagavad-gītā purport, 10.4-5)

The poem explores these two concepts. The observant will also notice that some of the lyrics became part of two separate songs: Peace and Dense Forest of Delusion.

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