"Common" Sound


A dirty old blanket
becomes a brand new bed
to the boy whose underfed
whose home is a dusty old shed

But to him it’s a brand new house
and he sees the rat and mouse
as part of his surroundings
not a threat, nor a pet
And he doesn’t get upset
at the little things that eat away
at those with more wealth
Because less focus on the outer
leaves more time for the self

But struggles still exist
for the poor just like the rich
because living in a palace or living in a ditch
can not relieve a boy from the nagging little itch
to express his real self and find a way to stitch
the life he wants to live into an ecstatic work of art
all the differences make no difference when it comes to the heart

with the young, old, rich, poor, he shares a common ground
their attraction to the beauty of a transcendental sound
a vibration that fulfills the vision in his mind
and provides a universe to which he had been blind
It penetrates his soul, fills him with a love so strong
so he makes his only goal to pass on this timeless song
No matter who they are, where their from or what they’ve done
because everyone is craving a life of freedom, love and fun

Poem/Video: Mike Jones
The amazing artwork is by my friend Tom Morris.


Wrote this in Madhya Pradesh, India, after seeing a talented artistic boy in the poorer villages become very attracted to Harinama (mantra meditation). Started with that impression in mind and the rest developed from there, especially as I saw people from various backgrounds and socio-economic statuses become enlivened by the chanting. I wanted to explore the difference in perception different people had, yet they all shared some commonalities.

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