False indoctrination
is dictating
causing this hating
on every date in
history, don’t you see
we need to break free
think for our selves
wisdoms the key, learn to propel
aim for world peace, justice and unity
I’m not a Rasta man,
but we think similarly
coz I live the irie way
and seek to spread knowledge
so we can unify today,
from hoods to top college
from job seeking pop, to top CEO
from rock metal punk,
to Hip-Hopper spitting flow
from Russian space stations
all the way to Middle East
to United Nations, Jamaicans, Chinese
Africa and Asia, Europe, Japan
Australasia, Americas, Afghanistan
Need to get up, stand up
and never loose sight
What we need is one love
so treat each other right

Peace, love, unity
freedom and justice for you and me
Don’t let the kids grow up where you wouldn’t wanna be

It’s malpractice to give away factless
information to the masses of cashless
it’s maladjusted when those we trusted
thrusted the things
that turn our brains into custard
making us flustered,
no energy is mustered
what we lusted
on our tongue like mustard
then there’s no taste, we’re displaced
faceless soul inside a case
chasing the rat race
so we gotta start wondering
where we’re blundering
or we’ll be thundering
down gonna drown in our own rain
going insane, need to gain
reach a higher plane
that goal should be main
not these petty battles
wars not a cause
slaughtered like cattles
treating women like whores
lets pause
look in the mirror
see what we’re reflecting
things will be clearer
if we start introspecting

Peace, love, unity
freedom and justice for you and me
Don’t let the kids grow up where you wouldn’t wanna be

disrespects not unheard of
learn to forgive
remember they’re human too
a person with a different view
I’m responsible for my own view
and so are you
we need to stand together
use our intellect and dissect
the problems head on
work together
make society strong
no excuses for what’s wrong
but let’s not prolong
an out of tune song
Let’s clean up our heart
before it tears us apart
because the soul craves beauty, aesthetics and art
a higher taste exists
and to dissipate the mist
there’s no need to kick it and pound it with your fist
blow it gently away with transcendental sound
darkness can’t stay and you’ll rise from the ground
spreading your wings
you’ll start to gain altitude
with just a change in attitude
the way things are viewed

Lyrics/Vocals/Production: Mike Jones;
Artwork: Tom Morris

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I think it started with the Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. Or maybe it was Heal the World. Whatever it was, I often found myself attracted to music promoting the ideals of world peace and harmony growing up. One Love by Bob Marley to One Day by Matisyahu, all these guys were searching and longing for an ideal I wanted. But alas, this material world is far from peaceful and so the lofty goal seemed less realistic as life went by.

To make matters worse, during university I took a course titled ‘Philosophy of Peace.’ All I found there were different theories on peace (and conflict) with a million rebuttals. A mish-mash of philosophies with no clear solution (though the theories that made the most sense to me were spiritual in nature).

Still I held on to the (admittedly) sentimental hope of world peace. I was changed-to some degree-by music I had heard growing up, so I felt I should put those thoughts into my lyrics too.

I wrote most of this song several years ago while in university and then the conclusions at the end of the song are inspired by Caitanya Mahāprabhu--chant for change. God-consciousness is the only solution to achieve world peace.

O Original Person, we are therefore but Yours only. Although we are Your creatures, we are born one after another under the influence of the three modes of nature, and for this reason we are separated in action. Therefore, after the creation we could not act concertedly for Your transcendental pleasure.


The cosmic creation is working under the influence of the three modes of the external potency of the Lord. Different creatures are also under the same influence, and therefore they cannot act concertedly in satisfying the Lord. Because of this diverse activity, there cannot be any harmony in the material world. The best policy, therefore, is to act for the sake of the Lord. That will bring about the desired harmony. [Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.5.48 ]

Without Him at the center, we all have a diverse range of goals (usually selfish) and so conflict naturally arises as we try to establish our ideals as being superior. We all like to think we are right (myself included). Unfortunately some people will argue their view to the cost of other individuals lives: spiritual and material.

I remember studying a great Psychology experiment in college called the Robbers Cave experiment. It explored the ability of superordinate goals to bring conflicting groups together. In Śrī Īśopaniṣad Śrīla Prabhupāda mentions the spirit of īśāvāsya:

Factually, no one has to do anything more than render devotional service to the Lord. However, in the lower stages of life one cannot immediately adopt the activities of devotional service, nor can one completely stop fruitive work. A conditioned soul is accustomed to working for sense gratification — for his own selfish interest, immediate or extended. An ordinary man works for his own sense enjoyment, and when this principle of sense enjoyment is extended to include his society, nation or humanity in general, it assumes various attractive names such as altruism, socialism, communism, nationalism and humanitarianism. These “isms” are certainly very attractive forms of karma-bandhana (karmic bondage), but the Vedic instruction of Śrī Īśopaniśad is that if one actually wants to live for any of the above “isms,” he should make them God-centered. There is no harm in becoming a family man, or an altruist, a socialist, a communist, a nationalist or a humanitarian, provided that one executes his activities in relation with īśāvāsya, the God-centered conception.

In the Bhagavad-gita (2.40) Lord Kṛṣṇa states that God-centered activities are so valuable that just a few of them can save a person from the greatest danger. The greatest danger of life is the danger of gliding down again into the evolutionary cycle of birth and death among the 8,400,000 species. If somehow or other a man misses the spiritual opportunity afforded by his human form of life and falls down again into the evolutionary cycle, he must be considered most unfortunate. Due to his defective senses, a foolish man cannot see that this is happening. Consequently Śrī Īśopaniṣad advises us to exert our energy in the spirit of īśāvāsya. Being so engaged, we may wish to live for many, many years; otherwise a long life in itself has no value. A tree lives for hundreds and hundreds of years, but there is no point in living a long time like trees, or breathing like bellows, or begetting children like hogs and dogs, or eating like camels. A humble God-centered life is more valuable than a colossal hoax of a life dedicated to godless altruism or socialism. [Śrī Īśopaniṣad Verse 2 purport]

Deep down we all want peace. We want peace with each other and peace with ourselves. Peace in the world and peace in our minds and hearts. Is it possible?