Looking for You


We all aspire for love and affection,
but still we require some direction
History teaches, that what one preaches
may not be the practice of the one giving the speeches
The blind lead the blind
but I'm blind as well
blowing caution to the wind
after visiting hell
under a spell, susceptible minds
But you can dispel, you're free from the binds
Non-sectarian, just beautiful pastimes
but in you're Name, so many many crimes,
puts off the true seeker
makes the world seem bleaker
stunting the creeper
as we move toward the reaper
But somehow your light shines through
And I get a glimpse of you
realize all the bad I see with my eyes
is just comprised of situations meant to teach
so somehow I can reach and hear your sweet speech

I been looking for you
I just want to serve you
But what do you want me to do

I accept your authority
but does that mean I ought to be
surrendering autonomy
without extreme scrutiny?
through my heart you be rooting me
to study wisely
so I can size the
Is it really your glories
spread throughout the nations?
is a virtue
coz it gives us time to accrue
what's true
and cut through
the things added after
Coz I've seen the laughter
of those who use deceit
because of their own conceit
my naivety had me beat, they cheat
in your name
when maybe just by singing the same
we'll no longer lay claim
to your external game
somehow attain prem
but I'm so far away
and I always seem to stray
All I can do is pray
Because I don't have the bhakti
and I'm lacking the shakti
And the age of Kali is
rallying forward
but onward we go until we really feel the glow of a golden age
I guess you're setting the stage
Being sage beats rage
Through differing points of view
does it really matter if you're blue?
Some may argue, but it doesn't take away
the power to hear, the words you say
and spoken about you, by those who don't doubt you
one day I hope I can taste the nectar too

I been looking for you
I just want to serve you
But what do you want me to do

A desire to surrender
to you and you alone
serve your servants
who are serving
in your transcendental home
Your devotees rope me in by their love
for you, knowing you're above
and below and within and without
have no doubt
that on this route
success is assured
Even in those times we feel floored
by the external energy, but that's my insincerity
Maybe one day I'll be free by your mercy
I ask for your guidance
listen to your general's words
addiction to your topics
is the sign that what was heard
is what is being given
not just day in day out living
championing the party line
that in the head was driven
so I pray I am forgiven
and I qualify one day
to find the true pure few
who pursue and lead the way

Lyrics/Vocals/Production: Mike Jones;
Artwork: Tom Morris

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A more personal and intimate song.

Sometimes the inner journey of the heart can traverse a rocky road due to the clumps of mud we have stuck there. These clumps of mud can also manifest externally; after all, the times in which we live are considered to be those of hypocrisy and quarrel.

We certainly see instances of this hypocrisy and quarrel in the world around; both inside and outside the realm of spirituality. It is most unfortunate when this happens in the realm of spirituality though because the creeper of devotional love is very tender in the beginning. It needs to be nurtured and cared for, and protected from the inevitable beating it will receive when we let the atmosphere of the external seep too deeply inside.

If we want to progress in our spiritual lives, it is important to keep the ultimate goal in mind and ask for guidance, both within and without. The 'without' part can be tough in a world with much hypocrisy though.

We should remember that there are real gold watches amongst all those fake rolexes (that's what gives the fakes perceived value in the first place) and we must aspire for them wholeheartedly. We should use our intelligence to discriminate between those things that are actually beneficial for us and those that aren't. After all surrendering our intelligence is foolish; surrendering with intelligence is wise.

Although bhakti is a force unto itself (it's not dependent on anything), knowledge is so important in the beginning if we want to avoid being cheated with a fake rolex. The lyrics to this song are drawn from my experience of naively approaching spiritual life and experiencing the world of cult gurus and cheating propensities. But the desire to reach the true essence that attracted me to spiritual life in the first place remains. This song served as another catharsis in expressing my various thoughts on these subjects.

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