Dense Forest of Delusion


Fight the demons
that exist in yourself
one day you’ll be free man
regain your health
clear out the toxins
get your head straight
don’t be boxed in
drop the hate
Defeat the enemy
known as lust
find a friend
who you know you can trust
in a world like this
you’ve gotta be robust
avoid the abyss
get ready to adjust
step back from the trees
see the whole jungle
develop expertise
try not to stumble
in a world thats polluted
absurd and blurred
you remain deluded
with stuff seen and heard
so remain resolute
in your goal
learn to execute
self control
listen to your heart
don’t turn your back
study the chart
and stay on track

We’re living in a dense
forest of delusion
Times are intense and
things rife with confusion
but there’s a guide in your heart to be known
so follow that light right on home

Trying to navigate
find your way back home
don’t want to miscalculate
where you roam
look through the key hole
see a bright light but
a billion perspectives
no clue to whats right
Maybe it’s this and maybe it’s that
maybe worlds come like rabbits in hats
magically appear with no conscious creation
but it’s not clear and there’s bad navigation
trying to steer across dusty roads
reach dead ends and unlocked codes
loads of people have tried in the past
but corrupt steeples have dangerously cast
shadows of doubt on every single turn
from the pulpit they shout “Your going to burn’
that’s not what you came here to learn
it’s truth love and freedom you yearn

We’re living in a dense
forest of delusion
Times are intense and
things rife with confusion
but there’s a guide in your heart to be known
so follow that light right on home

Lyrics/Vocals/Production: Mike Jones;
Artwork: Tom Morris

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Sometimes life can feel like a dense forest with so many opinions, beliefs and ideas to navigate through. But we instinctively feel some truth exists amongst all the spin.

When your intelligence has passed out of the dense forest of delusion, you shall become indifferent to all that has been heard and all that is to be heard. [Bhagavad-gītā 2.52]

This song is for those who are starting the path of spiritual life. Those who have started to seek spiritual truths and find themselves bombarded by a dense forest of conflicting opinions (it is Kali-yuga after all, the age of quarrel and hypocrisy).

Until we come into contact with a pure source (which shines a light on the different stages of spiritual life and helps us understand where different practices fit in the grand scheme of things), the selection of different paths and practices can be quite overwhelming for the spiritual seeker.

Even when coming to the path of bhakti-yoga (the path I follow), there are varied opinions on how things should be done. As we traverse this path we should never forget what the ultimate purpose is. Sincerely pray for guidance from Kṛṣṇa within the heart and those who truly represent Him.

I felt inspired to write this after battling with many controversies and differences of opinion in the spiritual tradition I follow. Ultimately though I realized that the differences of details can easily capture the attention and energy of the truth seeker, distracting one from seeking the essence of truth who flows through all these differences.

If someone's spiritual life is genuinely sustained by the path they follow (and this reflects in their character), how can anyone tell them they are wrong just because they practice a little differently. The test is whether they are genuinely developing devotion for Kṛṣṇa (God). It is very easy to judge others before ourselves, but ultimately we must battle our own demons, not anybody else's. Only then will we be guided nicely within and without by the various manifestations of the Absolute Truth.

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