Move On


Seeking to improve as you move through time
but someone disapproves with the way you climb
you can choose to move forward to the place you want to be
or you can look back toward the face of envy
remain paralyzed coz of what they think
become demoralized and start to shrink
back into a ball because you couldn’t stand tall
If you’re not that high up then you’ll never ever fall
but you also won’t find, peace of mind
because the hill in the way will keep you blind
to what you can do, and what you can view
until you get the strength to break on through
all the crabs that attack dragging you back
give them a smack, stay on track and don’t slack
keep on elevating, life investigating
and loving while shoving away all the hating

Don’t let your past eat away
just coz of the words they say
Move on

Don’t let a shadow cast
from things that happened in the past
you’ve got to
Move on

When they see you as who you used to be
not realizing you’ve changed internally
it can be quite frustrating, when they’re hating,
all due to their weak mentality and inability
to see what you’ve become
what you’re becoming
because each and every one of us is running
toward the end, and only one friend
is worth the time that you spend
on trying to change
coz the insane will try to rearrange
estrange you from your aim and limit your range
to the fit their purpose, their desire, their goal
but you’re living in a movie on a different film roll
and each actor plays a factor in this play called life
but a million people try to direct and rewrite
Well keep sight of exactly where you’re going
and don’t let anybody dig up the seeds you’re sowing

Don’t let your past eat away
just coz of the words they say
Move on

Don’t let a shadow cast
from things that happened in the past
you’ve got to
Move on

Lyrics/Vocals/Production/Video: Mike Jones

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This world is like a school and we are constantly learning. Life really is a learning journey. We have different goals and aspirations and in our attempt to achieve these, we make many mistakes and learn to adjust.

Some people would rather that we remain static, be happy (or unhappy) with our current state, and when we attempt to move on with our lives, they try to hold us back.

Sometimes this can be because they care for us but don't understand our inner vision. They don't realize that this 'care' can actually hinder our climb to the summit of our chosen mountain. And of course, sometimes there is just sheer envy from people who have been unable to maturely work on their own internal challenges; they prefer to direct their energy to other people's struggles to avoid their own.

We all have a choice at every moment to change our lives, and to adjust our motivations, for better or for worse. We shouldn't let mistakes made in the past hinder us; we should learn from them and gain fresh vigor to pursue our goals with full enthusiasm--this time with more experience and insight. Even if negative people (or your own chattering mind) try to throw obstacles, remember that only you can decide what actions you will take.

I wrote this song when I was faced with a challenging emotional obstacle in my spiritual life. Writing it was a great catharsis that gave me both clarity of thought and action once I had released the charge from my mind to the mic. No matter what happens, if we are to be successful in any endeavor of life, we must move on, never stagnating, even when faced with obstacles. Trust that there is always sunlight behind the clouds. If we seek to improve ourselves then we have to work toward the future while living in the now.