I'm Mikey Jay, a musician/poet/video-artist/street performer. You can see some of my work here and also read my brief bio.

As you may notice, a lot of my work contains devotional and philosophical themes. Above the media I create, the primary focus of my life is self-realization. I practice bhakti-yoga and try to instill its principles into all areas of my life. I find the internal benefits extremely rewarding.

Although I did live as a monk for several years in India, it is a misconception that one needs to live in a temple or ashram to practice spiritual life. Sure it can be a great benefit for some people on this path (and offers great training), but for many people, it just isn't practical. Does this mean they can't practice spiritual life? Of course not.

This website is my small attempt to share resources with those who practice bhakti-yoga wherever they may live. The links are external websites; I am not affiliated with any of them (although some of them were created by friends of mine) but they all contain practical resources that someone with a sincere desire to practice bhakti-yoga can use to help them deepen their practice.

Whether you are just beginning this sublime path, have been practicing for a while, or are just taking a look from outside, there is something for everyone within these pages. At the very least, we all like to eat, so you can learn tasty new recipes from the cooking sites :)